YBY Red Grape Rose Dry 0.0% Alcohol Sparkling Wine

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Made from carefully selected European Grapes. This pink coloured sparkling grape drink is a perfect blend with a fruity, fresh, and dancing character.


Per Bottle: 750mL

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What is YBY?
YBY is a top-notch wine & sparkling brand crafted by Stephan Claus in 2020. YBY believes in celebrating life every day, and that’s why their sparkling creation is now more affordable and accessible than ever.

Where is YBY made?
YBY comes to life at a family-owned vineyard in Württemberg, Germany. The Schnaufer Family, passionate about sparkling beverages for four generations since 1918, combines traditional Méthode Rurale winemaking with German precision and a delightful twist.

What makes our YBY Crystal sparkling non-alcoholic drink unique?
The “Méthode Rurale,” or the way we process grapes, sets YBY apart. Picking fully mature grapes for an intense aroma – the grapes undergo a single fermentation process, preserving the aroma. Unlike traditional methods, YBY achieves its sweetness naturally. After reaching the ideal sweetness level, the yeasts are filtered out, leaving behind a fruity sweetness.

What happens in the Rural Method?
In this method, natural sugar breaks down into sucrose and fructose, providing a pleasant taste. The Rural Method stops fermentation while the drink still has sweetness, preserving the fructose for a special taste.


Per Bottle: 750mL

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