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Taico Academy

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We act on behalf of our client’s, approaching international markets through our associated, affiliated & partner offices throughout the world.

Food & Beverage

We select and create premium quality products that demonstrate real potential.


In the Middle East, we’re engaged in Brokerage and Project Management.

International Trading

Negotiating deals and deliver products to retailers on behalf of our clients.

Food & Beverage

Growing through Distribution of Outstanding Product Lines

Consultancy Services & International Trading

Sharing the value of Specialization

Starting a Cafe

Taico Academy

Sharing Knowledge

Taico Academy will give you advice on how to buy or upgrade the espresso machine and grinders.

We will show you how to set up the cafe bar area and have it fully equipped.

Tailored barista training programs for your key coffee staff to ensure competent and proficient baristas.

Taico Academy will come to your cafe, watch and observe current coffee systems in place and create a training plan based on what is observed.

Upgrade products and Overall Customer Service


Consulting Services

Become a Distributor

Distribution Expansion

Expansion Opportunity

We’re always looking for new Distributors.

In a competitive business, Taico developed a vast range of distributorship opportunities where custom designed packages allows Exclusive Distributors, Master Distributors, Distributors or Dealers to choose from depending on the volume of size and commitment for the business.