Dilmah t-Series The Original Earl Grey Ceylon Black Tea Tin Caddy

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A majestic tea that combines the flavour of Bergamot, a citrus fruit native to Calabria, Italy, with a rich and full-bodied Ceylon Single Origin Tea. This legendary tea is aromatic, with hints of citrus and a lingering and mildly sweet floral note.
100g loose leaf tea

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Tasting Note & Distinctive Features
A tea for every occasion. Dilmah t-Series presents a collection of teas that are known around the world only for their excellence. Teas so different that there is a tea for every mood. The range presents a vast array of designer gourmet teas including Very Special Rare Tea like the Ceylon Silver Tips and Seasonal Flush. The Seasonal Flush by t-Series is a tea so rare that it is produced only as a result of a seasonal phenomenon that occurs twice a year.

This tea is a combination of a rich and full bodied Ceylon Single Origin Tea with the flavour of Bergamot, a citrus fruit that is native to Calabria in Italy. The strong and distinctive ceylon tea partners harmoniously with the bergamot flavour to offer an authentic Earl Grey Tea. Full bodied yet aromatic, with hints of citrus and a lingering and mildly sweet floral note, this is a majestic tea.

Tight twisted deep blackish with brown and purple leaves. An assertive bergamot aroma is present in the dry leaf. Finely scented and well-balanced tea of rosewood colour (deep brown with orange hints) suggests a tea with a pronounced character. Indeed, on nosing the tea, one immediately senses a complex intermingling of flavours – florals, marzipan and sweet christmas spices in addition to secondary aromas evocative of a floral garden and a fruit garden. Without doubt, a distinctive tea with body and a steady personality.

Black tea with bergamot flavor 1.75 %

Tea Grade
Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP)

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